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While one of the oldest kingdoms of Europe, Scotland presents the world with more university graduates than any other countries belonging to the European Union. Ever aware of the increasing need to make their courses relevant to the requirements of both the industry and commerce, many of Scotland's universities decided to expand on new ground, engineering and technology being just two among many others, including Artificial Intelligence ( Edinburgh University ), Telecommunication expertise ( Glasgow University ) and Opto –Electronics of world class expertise ( Heriot Watt University ). Indeed, no less than 15% of Scotland's graduates have science or technology-based degrees.

As a small country, Scotland, through her 4 major airports, can boast to own superb international links. Her airports have key facilities for Rolls-Royce, BAE SYSTEMS, Thales, Raytheon, GE and Goodrich among others. As such, Scotland is a perfect centre for European operations with easy shipping to North America , Asia and Africa . Since aircraft and their components have been manufactured in Scotland from 1910 (it was, we like to remind everyone, a Scottish company that manufactured the first jet engines' fuel systems in 1929), Scotland has been at the heart of the aerospace industry from the very beginnings.

Europe's oldest kingdom is one that also leads in making products based on raw materials derived from North Sea Oil and Gas. It also boasts of superb chemical and pharmaceutical companies. It has a well-developed infrastructure (that is being improved every year) and plentiful supplies of untainted water as well as gas and electricity.

About 15.000 people are employed by the communications sector in Scotland, helping to run telecoms infrastructure manufacture, WAP application design while creating network and application software and telecom service providers.

Since the era of Scottish enlightenment, Scotland's creative industries have led the world. Indeed, more than 150.000 people are employed within this industry, with an annual turnover of some £6 billions.

It covers businesses such as advertising, architecture, arts, culture, design, film, games, music production, new media, publishing, radio and television.



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